Enhancements to reporting for Promoted Listings Advanced

What launched?

We’ve released recent enhancements to reporting for Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns. Sellers have a new way to download multiple report-types at once from their advertising dashboard on Seller Hub. 

Why is it important?

We’ve made it simpler for sellers to download more than one report at once, instead of downloading reports one-by-one. This enhancement to reporting helps sellers save time when reviewing performance for their campaigns.

Where do I find it?

On Seller Hub, go to the ‘Marketing’ tab. Then, navigate to the advertising dashboard. There, scroll down to the campaign grid to locate your list of campaigns. From the drop-down arrow next to the ‘Edit’ button of a campaign, select ‘Generate reports’. Here, sellers have three report options to download from this view, including keyword, listing, and search query reports. 

enhanced reporting for Promoted Listings Advanced