Promoted Listings Advanced Reports

So you made the leap and implemented Promoted Listings Advanced into your eBay business. Now what? We offer plenty of readily available resources to aid you with optimizing your results. Our downloadable specialized reports aim to help you reach buyers in the most trafficked placements on eBay by providing deeper insights into your current keyword and listing performance. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with these highly-valuable tools to get the most out of your campaigns.

In these instructional videos, eBay Ads’ Director of Marketing dives into the details of the different reports we offer with Promoted Listings Advanced, how to interpret them, and actions you might take based on the results you’re seeing.

Reports overview

Listing Report

The Listing Report helps evaluate listing performance. You can determine which listings perform well or not to then make the right action according to your results.

Keyword Report

Dive deeper into the Keyword Report, which analyzes keyword performance. See what keywords are doing well, which may benefit from an additional boost, or which aren’t performing well.

Search Query Report

The Search Query Report reviews both low and high performing queries to find new keywords to add to your campaign, update match type for the related keyword, or add them as negative keywords to your ad group.

Now that you’re more familiar with the insightful reports available to you, get started with identifying opportunities in your own campaign to optimize your listings. Launch or review your campaigns’ downloadable reports right now, which can be accessed through your Seller Hub.