eBay Ads Basics: How to start selling on eBay

You don’t need to be an expert to start selling on eBay. Our online marketplace is home to millions of buyers seeking out the right product at the right price. 

From listing your first product to creating your digital storefront, we want to guide you on your journey to becoming an eBay seller.

Creating a seller account

Every seller needs to have an eBay account. Don’t worry if you don’t have one. It’s simple and easy to create, and it only requires an email address. 

Get started by visiting the eBay account creation page and selecting a Personal or Business account. You should create a business account if you are:

  • A business
  • A nonprofit
  • The sole proprietor/single member LLC
  • Corporation/Multi member LLC
  • Partnership
  • You regularly sell a large number of goods

If you’re making a business account, you’ll need to provide some additional details like a business name, type, billing address, beneficial owner officers, directors or account managers.

Finally, eBay will send an email to the address provided with instructions on verifying your account. Once completed, you’re all set. You’ll receive another email welcoming you to the eBay community with tips for getting the most out of your account. You’re ready to create your first eBay listing.

Creating the perfect eBay listing

Creating a listing on eBay is a simple process you’ll be able to master in no time. Follow this list of best practices to get started: 

  • Listing Title. This is the first thing buyers see when they search for your listing. You only have 80 characters to use for your title, so use important keywords to grab the attention of buyers. Keywords are the words buyers are likely to use when searching for your listing. Using strong keywords in your title helps your listing get discovered easier.

  • Item Specifics. The more details you include in your listing the more confident buyers feel about purchasing your item. It’s important to paint a complete picture of the item being sold. While item specifics will be different based on what you’re selling and the category it falls under, here are some basics to include when selling clothing, for example:
    • Brand name
    • Style of clothing
    • Design features
    • Material it’s made from
    • New or used

  • Quality Photos. High quality photos with white clean backgrounds make your listings easier to see when buyers search on eBay. We recommend having at least 5 photos for each listing.

  • Right Price. If your listing isn’t priced effectively, it’s not going to sell. Sellers who aren’t comfortable setting their own prices can visit the Research tab in their Seller Hub and use Terapeak Product Research. This feature will help you research information to come up with a competitive price for your listing.

Leveling up your selling strategy with eBay Ads

Having the perfect listing doesn’t necessarily guarantee it’ll sell faster. There’s an ocean of other sellers on our online marketplace competing for the attention of our buyers. But don’t worry, there’s one more tool in your arsenal to help sell your listings faster.

eBay’s Promoted Listings portfolio can help drive sales, increase visibility, and connect sellers with the right buyers. There are three unique self service campaign types to choose from, but we recommend starting with Promoted Listings Standard.

Chart image with the following information.

Promoted Listings Standard
What it is - Promoted your listings with ads across the eBay network and only pay when your items sell. It's quick, simple and low-risk.
Best for - Sellers who need low-risk, automation & reporting.
Cost model - Cost-per-sale
Listing format - Fixed price
Placement - Across eBay network

It’s a unique to market way to increase sales and grow your business on eBay. Our eBay Ads blog has a great explanation about how to get started with Promoted Listings Standard.

You now have all the tools needed to get set up as a seller on eBay and grow your business further. Create your account today to join our amazing seller community on eBay.