What is Offsite AdsBETA?

Offsite AdsBETA helps eBay sellers to attract interested buyers outside of eBay and maximize your listings’ visibility. With Offsite AdsBETA, you now have the power to increase your reach on external channels, like Google, which connects you with a wider audience and more ready-to-purchase buyers.

With a dynamic cost-per-click and a suggested daily budget to optimize your campaign performance, you can easily control your advertising spend to help reach your business goals. Your entire eligible fixed price inventory will be promoted, and you only pay when a buyer clicks on your ad, up to your daily budget.

It’s never been easier to expand the reach of your listings

Reach a wider audience

Increase traffic to your listings with more ads on leading external channels.

Quick setup

Create and launch a campaign for all of your eligible listings in just a few clicks.

Exclusive placements

Unlock control of exclusive ad placements, like Google.

Hear from the eBay Ads team about Offsite AdsBETA

eBay is constantly testing and learning in partnership with our sellers to deliver the best customer experience. We listened to your feedback of asking for more control of your listings’ visibility off of eBay. Offsite AdsBETA is an opportunity for sellers to increase their reach with the goal of getting more sales.

“The world of online marketing has evolved and become more competitive. Retailers are investing more to compete for buyers’ attention online. We created Offsite Ads to level the playing field and empower eBay sellers to reach more buyers who start their search off eBay.

-Anthony Okoro, Sr. Director, Ads New Ventures

How to get started with Offsite AdsBETA

Getting started is easy – quickly create and launch your campaign with eligible listings in just a few clicks.

  1. Visit the ‘Marketing’ tab in Seller Hub
  2. Look for the Offsite Ads invitation banner* on the advertising dashboard to set up your campaign.
  3. Name your campaign, choose start and end dates, and set a daily budget.
  4. Review and you’re good to go.

Get started quickly with a simple campaign creation page.

  • Not all sellers are currently eligible to use Offsite Ads. We plan to expand eligibility and will notify sellers once they have access.