What is Promoted Listings Standard?

Promoted Listings Standard is a powerful advertising tool that gives your products more exposure, placing them in front of millions of buyers actively searching and shopping for products like yours across the eBay network. Standard campaigns are a great, unique to market way for all different types of sellers to begin advertising on eBay. 

With Promoted Listings Standard, you’re in control. Choose the percentage of a sale you’re willing to spend on ads and pay no money upfront. Standard campaigns put your items in highly visible placements across the eBay network including search and listing pages. This effective ads tool minimizes your risk and maximizes your impact.

Don’t miss out on driving more sales – create your Promoted Listings Standard campaign today.

Promoted Listings Standard campaign launch page

It’s never been easier to reach buyers on eBay


Get started easily with just a few clicks.

Pay only when you sell

Pay only when you sell a promoted item with no upfront cost.


Easily monitor performance and harness powerful recommendations within the campaign dashboard.

Hear from sellers on their experience with Promoted Listings Standard

Since Promoted Listings Standard is quick and easy to use, sellers of all shapes and sizes have seen success with using this campaign type. On average, sellers see 25% more clicks on their listings when using Standard campaigns, compared to non-promoted items.*

Check out just a few quotes from sellers using Standard campaigns below:

“Promoted Listings Standard has given us the ability to increase exposure on key items during high seasonality time periods and drive traffic to low performing items. We are excited to continue to learn and grow this tool!” – Eric Bullington, VMInnovations

“eBay is invested in our brand and commercial success. [With Promoted Listings Standard], we have done $147K in sales with only $9.4K in ad fees.” – Kenneth Hanson, Digital Marketplace Manager, Reebok

“Promoted listings Standard has sent my sales soaring! With the ability to place my listings in optimized locations on the platform, I now get the people who are most interested in purchasing my product to view and buy my items. Promoted Listings Standard is truly a game changer for sellers looking to increase their sales!” – Luigi Sosi

How to get started with Promoted Listings Standard

You can create Promoted Listings Standard campaigns from the Advertising dashboard within the eBay Seller Hub. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Seller Hub and click on your Advertising dashboard.
  2. Select Create new campaign.
  3. Choose either Simple Listing Selection, Bulk Listing Selection, or Creating Rules depending on how you’d like to select your listings.
  4. Follow the guided steps to select which listings you want to promote, choose how much you’d like to pay for the ads, then review your selections.
  5. Launch your campaign.
  • Data surveyed from Sept 2022 – Feb 2023