Free and easy to use

Gain access to free online courses – anytime, anywhere.

Free and easy to use

Build skills and expertise

Learn advertising best practices and pro tips from eBay experts.

Build skills and expertise

Scale your business

Accelerate growth as you put your learnings into practice.

Scale your business

What is Ads Academy?

Ads Academy is a self-paced, eLearning platform offering free ads-focused education. Designed to help you improve every area of your eBay business, grow your brand, and scale your operations.

The best part? Ads Academy is free to all sellers and self-paced, meaning you can access the courses anytime, anywhere.

How it works

1. Visit

2. Log in using your eBay credentials

3. Find the topic that best fits your needs

4. Apply your learnings to your account and grow your business


Do I have to sign up to access Ads Academy?

No. Ads Academy is free and open to all eBay sellers, and you can access anytime and anywhere. Use the Ads Academy link at the top of the page as you’re creating or editing your advertising  campaign to access.

I see something called eBay Academy, is this the same as Ads Academy?

No. If you’ve landed on a page that looks similar to Ads Academy but says eBay Academy, you are not in Ads Academy can can easily navigate to it. Simply click into the Topics dropdown and click on Ads Academy – this will take you into the Ads Academy course catalog.