eBay Ads 2023: Connecting with sellers across the globe

As we bid farewell to another year, we wanted to take a moment to pause and reflect on the achievements and milestones that have shaped our journey together. For eBay Ads, 2023 was a year filled with exciting global events and product improvements initiated after receiving valuable feedback from our sellers. We connected with eBay sellers throughout Europe, North America, and beyond, providing insights into new features while gaining valuable knowledge about the seller experience.

Before we take a look ahead to the future, let’s dive into some of the exciting events we attended this year, explore the advancements we saw in our advertising solutions, and reflect on our favorite moments of 2023 with our leadership team.

Where we met you across the globe

We had the honor and privilege of coming together with eBay sellers across multiple countries in 2023 to share our wisdom and new features while also learning about the seller experience from the sellers themselves. 

DE Das Lokal

DE Parts & Accessories Brand Event

DE Seller Event – Hamburg

eBay Open UK

DE Seller Event – Berlin

UK Ads Week with eBay Ads

UK Parts & Accessories Webinar Event

UK Parts & Accessories Webinar Event

UK Seller Advisory Board

Ads Week North America

eBay Open North America

eBay Open North America

GCX on Tour Event

GCX on Tour in Miami

GCX on Tour in San Diego

eBay Ads North America joined in the fun at eBay Open 2023, getting to spend time with the sellers on campus and hosting an inspiring fireside chat with eBay seller Ben Salamon and eBay Ads’ Julie Klein. Growth Advisors on Tour was a new event series in 2023, with a goal to drive trust and consideration of our advertising products through individual account consultations — while connecting in person and getting to know one another.

eBay Ads events in Germany included Das Lokal, where we offered sellers and clients across seven cities exclusive insights, workshops, and panel discussions on being successful and efficiently using the marketing tools on eBay. We also enjoyed a handful of other seller events in Hamburg and Berlin.

eBay Ads UK partnered with Advertising Week Europe again this year, where we engaged in constructive conversations about how eBay positions itself at the intersection of brands, ever-changing consumer behaviors, and buyers. We also were proud to co-host webinars with P&A seller Autofixa and be a part of eBay Open UK 2023.

Updates to our products based on our sellers needs

As part of our ongoing commitment to developing solutions that help sellers succeed, we launched key updates to our advertising solution portfolio. After listening to feedback from our sellers, some improvements and new features we added to Promoted Listings Advanced over the past year included:

  • Smart targeting: A way for sellers to simplify their Promoted Listings Advanced campaign management and ​​automatically optimize their ad campaign settings. 
  • More slots in search: Campaigns can now appear in three additional premium placements on the search results page. 
  • Broad match: A new keyword match type available for Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns.
  • Rule-based listing selection: An additional way to help sellers manage their Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns that use smart targeting.
  • Dynamic bidding: eBay sellers can stay competitive in an ever-fluctuating market with automatic bid optimizations.

Additionally, we made great improvements to Offsite Ads, an advertising solution currently in closed beta that allows eBay sellers to promote their items on external channels, such as Google, to increase reach and sales. Eligibility for this solution is expanding further as we approach 2024, while we continue testing and learning alongside our sellers.

Looking ahead to 2024

Although we enjoy reminiscing about the remarkable successes and cherished moments of the past year, the eBay Ads team cannot wait to dive into the opportunities of 2024. We are brimming with inspiration and a wealth of innovative ideas which we are enthusiastic about bringing to fruition in the upcoming year.

“I’m so proud of all the great work put in this year to help drive success for our sellers,” shared Julie Klein, eBay Ads’ Director of Consumer Marketing. “Going into next year, I’m excited to build and scale on our seller education and in-person events; hearing directly from our sellers about how they’ve used Ads to grow their business and what can be improved on. Looking forward to a great 2024!”

Sending you well wishes this new year

Finally, we would love nothing more than to express our deepest gratitude and extend a heartfelt congratulations to all our committed eBay sellers for their remarkable accomplishments in 2023. We are excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with sellers like you even more closely in the coming year and remain dedicated to crafting new resources to assist in the growth of your business on eBay.