Maximize your eBay sales over February’s biggest holidays

As February 2023 quickly rolls in, pink and red heart decorations are already popping up all over. There are two notable holidays in February that are sure to bring in eBay shoppers looking for the perfect gift for that special someone: Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day. 

Valentine’s Day shoppers in the U.S. spent nearly $24 Billion in 20221, but not all of it was spent on the cliché romantic gifts you might imagine. Online shoppers were making purchases across many different categories of goods for family and friends during this time, including toys, electronics, and auto parts.

Presidents’ Day has become a high traffic date for consumers looking for great deals and discounts on everyday items. With millions of consumers heading to eBay to find that perfect item, give your listings a boost, putting them in front of the right buyers.  

In-demand items sold in February

Based on the shopping behaviors of eBay shoppers in 2022, here are some insights into what consumers are looking for during this popular shopping week to help you prepare for the season.

On the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, eBay shoppers significantly purchased iPhones, iPhone accessories, and Women’s and Men’s sneakers. Across all customers during the holiday period in February, Lego excelled as one of the top purchased brands. Also leading up to the love-abundant holiday, Millennials made many purchases in categories ranging from Outwear to Carriers, Slings & Backpacks. Gen Z shoppers purchased more car parts and accessories than any other generation. 

eBay shoppers purchased these items on Valentine's Day 2022.

Every hour leading up to Valentine’s Day, eBay shoppers purchased2:

  • Approximately 285 Funko brand items
  • Nearly 100 DeWalt tools
  • Nearly 100 Nintendo items
  • Over 20 pairs of Adidas originals Grand Court Shoes for men, women, & kids

Lego & Funko are among the top brands by purchases for all generations over the President’s Day weekend. Other top brands in the Toys & Collectables category that were searched for and purchased from during this time were Disney, Hasbro, and Hot Wheels.

These were the top keywords searched on eBay during President's Day 2022.

Top keywords searched on Presidents’ Day weekend3:

  • Bape hoodie
  • Beanie babies
  • Coins
  • Gaming pc
  • Jordan 4
  • Mugs
  • PC
  • Ps5
  • Shoes
  • Toys

Over Presidents’ Day weekend in 2022, a highly-shopped category on the eBay marketplace was Electronics with HP being a notable brand purchased. Adults also shopped items from Adidas, Carhartt, and Puma.3

If you want your products to be seen by Millennial shoppers, consider adding deals or sales on your items. This demographic is quite budget conscious and prioritizes saving. On the other hand, Gen Z are quick to make a purchase, so being at the top of their search results could lead to faster sales. Consider implementing Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA to  the chance of your listing being in the top of search placements

Boost February sales with eBay Ads

While good deals and free shipping options can help drive sales leading up to big shopping moments, a great way to help increase sales is through Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA. On average, sellers who have adopted Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA are seeing a 45% lift in sales compared to non-promoted items.4  The Promoted Listings portfolio is helping sellers of all sizes and expertise drive more traffic to their listings and attract the attention of value-driven online shoppers looking to make a purchase. 

To utilize the benefits of Promoted Listings, simply select the campaign type that is right for your business and launch a campaign here. You can also learn more about the passion we put into helping our sellers in our conversation with Director of eBay Ads NA, Billy Mills.

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