How to get started with Promoted Listings Standard on eBay

We exist to enable economic opportunity for individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations of all sizes. As part of our dedication to the entrepreneurial spirit, we continually invest in tools and capabilities for businesses to promote their stores and listings using fair, affordable, and easy to use advertising solutions. Pete Thompson, SVP and Chief Product Officer at eBay, echoed this sentiment during our recent eBay Open Online event.

“We are investing in new features and capabilities that allow us to create new experiences for enthusiasts and key verticals. And we are investing and transforming our payments and advertising platforms to provide our customers with more control and choice in these key areas.”

One of the results of this work is the continued improvement of our most popular seller advertising solution, Promoted Listings Standard.

Advertising made simple

You don’t need to be a big brand to find advertising success on eBay. Promoted Listings Standard is a great way for most sellers to stand out amongst the billions of listings on eBay’s online marketplace. There are four key benefits to using Promoted Listings:

  • Boosting Visibility – Promoted Listings Standard puts your items in front of more buyers while they shop eBay, boosting visibility by up to 36%.
  • Pay only for sales – Decide how much to spend on advertising. eBay won’t charge you until a buyer clicks on your Standard ads and then purchases any of your Promoted Listings Standard items within 30 days of the click.
  • Guided set-up – Our guidance tools help take the guesswork out by suggesting which items to promote and at what cost.
  • Detailed reporting – You gain access to detailed campaign metrics and sales reports to monitor performance and fine tune your campaigns.

Promoted Listings Standard is a great, unique to market entry point for sellers to begin advertising on eBay. While we do require sellers to sustain an Above Standard or Top Rated seller status and have recent sales history, we intentionally created Promoted Listings Standard as an easy entry point for sellers to craft their own campaigns.

Creating your first Promoted Listings Standard campaign

Most sellers don’t need to be an expert to use Promoted Listings Standard, and that’s by design. We wanted to lower the barrier of entry so anyone can see their sales takeoff.

One of the many ways to quickly get started creating a Promoted Listings Standard ad is to use the “Sell it Faster” option within the Seller Hub. Simply check the box while creating or editing your listings (as seen in the image above), choose your ad rate, and add your listings to a current campaign or start a new one. Your new Promoted Listings Standard ad will now compete with other seller’s Promoted Listings to appear where it will have the most exposure, such as a suggestion on listing pages or directly in a buyer’s search results.

Promoted Listings on eBay

Not sure what listings to promote? We have handpicked listings that may benefit most from Promoted Listings Standard. We recommend promoting these first by taking advantage of the items that have a “Recommended” tag next to them in the campaign manager when selecting listings to promote. You can access the Promoted Listings Standard campaign manager by navigating to the Marketing tab in Seller Hub, choosing “Advertising Dashboard” from the drop down or left-hand navigation menu, and then clicking the button to create a new campaign or editing an existing campaign. 

Some sellers might struggle selecting an ad rate for their listings. eBay helps bridge the gap by providing “Suggested Ad Rates” for your Promoted Listings. We calculate these rates based on a number of factors, including:

  • Item attributes
  • Seasonality
  • Past performance
  • Current competition in the online marketplace

Sellers can easily select our suggested ad rate or simply use it as a starting point. We suggest sellers bid around or slightly above our suggested ad rate to keep your listing competitive with other advertisements. However, ultimately you’re in control of how much you want to spend – just remember that you will only pay this when your item sells through Promoted Listings Standard.

Sellers should always monitor their Promoted Listings portfolio performance from their advertising dashboard to see performance metrics in near real time. Using this data, sellers can make educated adjustments to their Promoted Listings Standard campaigns to further optimize their performance. You’ll also be able to generate sales reports to further analyze your sales. 

Promoted Listings Standard is one of the best solutions available to sellers on eBay. By spending the time to learn the basics, you’ll grow into a better advertiser on eBay. You can also visit our eBay Seller Center for more information and FAQs about Promoted Listings Standard. Create your first Promoted Listings Standard campaign today.