Year in Review: Celebrating 2022 at eBay Ads

2022 – What a year it has been. 

So many notable events occurred at eBay over the past 12 months. The eBay Ads team is grateful for the time you’ve spent with us through the year and invite you to take a look back on all we have accomplished together.

From the success of our fantastic sellers to the evolution of our advertising solutions there’s so much to look back on – and to look forward to. Join us for our year in review.

Stories from our exceptional sellers

We had the absolute pleasure of connecting with Matt, known on eBay as the45wearhouse. He founded his Collectibles store M&A Distributors back in 2017, aiming to turn his treasure-hunting hobby into a means to earn a desirable early retirement. Matt now reaches a wide variety of dedicated buyers from comic book collectors to film set designers.

Photo of eBay seller the45wearhouse and his wife holding up collectibles
Matt and his wife

His business started from passion and hard work, and quickly grew to remarkable heights when he started implementing eBay Ads Promoted Listings. Matt is a huge fan of the ad campaigns, sharing that he is “currently getting back around 10x what I am putting into Promoted Listings Standard.”1

Seeing our sellers thrive by utilizing our campaigns is what we aim for. We’re dedicated to helping our sellers and brands take the leap to increase their sales and drive success. If you’re debating on taking the plunge, heed Matt’s wise words: “Don’t be scared to take a chance. You’ve got to be able to risk it for the biscuit!”

Another incredible seller we have the privilege to work with is Littlesmokey78 (Little Smokey, named after the founder’s family dog); a thriving electronics business that’s been on eBay since 2011. The company built their brand on trust and transparency to create efficient online sales and gain strong loyalty in their customers.

Image of the a small dog named Little Smokey
Little Smokey

Little Smokey has ventured beyond using just the Promoted Listings Standard and began utilizing Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA, seeing an immediate jump in listing clicks and sales. The team admits that “while Advanced campaigns take a bit more work, they can yield nice results,” and that they’ve “recently seen our clicks increase by 263% and conversion rate increase by 1.34%.”2

Now that’s a good way to grow your business further on eBay.

Bringing back in-person events

A big way we are able to celebrate and collaborate with eBay sellers is through in-person events, and we were overjoyed to be able to host them once again this year. Our team had the opportunity to meet with valued eBay sellers in San Jose  to record eBay Open sessions.

We also got to meet up with eBay sellers in both Salt Lake City and New York, learning from their experiences and listening to their product suggestions.

Julie Klein, eBay Ads’ Director of Marketing, shared her appreciation for our sellers at several events this year. “It was so refreshing to be able to meet sellers in person again,” Julie said. “I loved being able to hear their stories, successes, and challenges in person. I’m continuously inspired by the hard work and entrepreneurial spirit these sellers have as they actively grow their eBay businesses.”

How we evolved our product suite to meet sellers needs 

Our number one focus continues to be listening to sellers and getting the feedback needed to make impactful changes to our advertising solutions. Through valuable seller events and online discussions, we were able to hear the voices of our sellers and learn what challenges they were facing so we could evolve our ad solutions accordingly.

Those utilizing our Promoted Listings saw big changes over 2022, with our launch of our Campaign Dashboard for both Promoted Listings Standard and Advanced, expanded the number of slots that eligible Promoted Listing AdvancedBETA ads can appear in, Quick Setup for Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA campaigns, downloadable reports, and faster payment options for sellers.

Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA saw many enhancements this year, including the addition of deeper customization within campaigns and more keyword targeting. With the guidance of our diligent Growth Advisors, eBay seller Mick at JCS Computer Store was able to fully optimize his Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA campaign and saw his advertising costs “decrease by 85-90%.”3

Looking to the future

Photo of part of the eBay Ads team
eBay Ads team and eBay sellers

Headshot photo of Julie Klein
Julie Klein

While we love admiring all the noteworthy stories and fond memories from the past year, the eBay Ads team is itching to jump into 2023. The team is stirring with inspiration and new ideas they are eager to bring to life in the new year.

Like everyone here at eBay Ads, Julie Klein has great aspirations for 2023. “As the new year rolls in, my goal is to further understand the unique goals of our sellers so we can create the best solutions to address their needs,” she stated.

Headshot photo of Billy Mills
Billy Mills

Director of eBay Ads NA, Billy Mills, acknowledged that he is also really looking forward to attending more in-person events. “Getting to spend more time with our sellers and partners provides us great insights on how to best serve our customers,” he shared. You can read more of Billy’s commitment to sellers in his eBay Ads deep dive on our blog.

Headshot photo of Elisabeth ROmmel
Elisabeth Rommel

“Looking back at the past year, I’m proud of the way our team embraced change and helped drive success for sellers  in an environment with more headwinds than we planned for,” said Elizabeth Rommel, eBay Ads’ North America and EU GM. “In 2023, I’m looking forward to continuing the momentum of Promoted Listings customers being the fastest growing sellers on eBay and working together to gain the confidence of our advertisers and partners.”

Wishing you a prosperous 2023

To end this year’s recap, we want to send a big “thank you” and an even bigger “congratulations” to all of our dedicated eBay sellers for their journeys in 2022. We look forward to working with sellers like you even closer this upcoming year and are committed to developing new tools to help grow your business further on eBay.

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