New year, new advertising trends: Reaching Wellness Warriors

The winter shopping season doesn’t end with Christmas. Nearly half (41%) of Americans report setting New Year’s resolutions—and while most don’t last beyond February, consumers buy with the best intentions as they purchase products that help them achieve their goals. During the New Year season in late December and early January, eBay shoppers make over 2.4 billion searches, equating to over 1,000 searches per second.

Whether it’s committing to a healthier diet, more exercising or mindfulness, health and wellness-related resolutions are by far the most popular, accounting for more than 50 percent of New Year’s resolutions. This trend is mirrored on eBay, where fitness brands like Nike and Adidas are among the top-purchased brands during the New Year season. Users search 60 fitness-related products every second, and Nike items alone are searched 28 times every minute. Other health items, like weights, yoga mats and protein powder, see an uptick in search volume during this period as well.

eBay’s audience insights can provide health and wellness brands a unique opportunity to reach these optimistic shoppers well into the new year. With over 700 pre-defined audience segments, brands can identify which members of their target audience may be interested in health and wellness and reach them when they’re eager to shop.

“If brands want to create a long-term relationship with a buyer audience, understanding that audience’s behavioral patterns is of the utmost importance,” said Harris Yousuf, eBay Advertising’s Head of Client Insights & Analytics (CIA). Yousuf uses eBay’s first-party data to find and understand patterns behind the way shoppers search, view and buy items. By partnering with the CIA team, brands can optimize their efforts at key moments like the New Year season and beyond.

eBay’s advertising platform allows brands to capitalize on the consistent trend of self-improvement around the New Year. Leveraging eBay’s audience insights, brands can reach users interested in the health and wellness space, glean new behavioral insights and boost revenue to jump start the year ahead.

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