Uncovering your perfect audience

Finding the perfect advertising platform can be a challenge. Which is why it is vital to partner with a company that not only understands shoppers, but offers the type of specificity and customization that can help you reach the right audience.

Advertising is all about zeroing in on the right customer at the right moment in their shopping journey. Especially within a diverse marketplace like eBay, it is crucial to reach the right type of audience and ultimately promote your brand efficiently.

For our brand partners, we offer customization through essential audience segments. With over 170M active buyers worldwide, eBay has compiled 550+ essential audiences for you to choose from, carefully broken down to ensure your brand is reaching the ideal shoppers. Audiences include segments based on shopper demographics like age, occupation, income, and gender. Other segments are categorized based on shopping habits or persona, as compiled through our multiple data touchpoints.

Our other audience segments are built around seasonal moments and holidays, which allow you to carefully target shoppers on the hunt for specialty décor, gifts, or post-season sale items.

eBay essential audiences can also be tailored to specific industries, targeting shoppers in automotive categories, customers who use specific mobile phone carriers, or insurance shoppers. These segments not only target shopper demographics, but allow you to reach your audiences at the right time in their journey, when they may be in the market for seasonal items, a new cellular service, or any other item.

eBay’s newest offering to brand partners incorporates our shop-alike technology, which creates custom audience segments by utilizing existing brand data. This data can be extracted from existing CRM information, or based on a previous campaign performance. Shop-Alike audiences allow brands to hone in quicker than ever before, reaching new shoppers most in line with their current customer base.

Lastly, brands are always able to customize audience segments of their choosing, personalized for them in partnership with eBay.

Whatever you brand goals may be, eBay offers the customization and options to target your ideal shoppers, convert buyers, and ultimately drives sales to your bottom line.

For more information about audience segments and personalization, you can download our free Advertiser Audience eGuide here.