About VMInnovations

VMInnovations offers a wide selection of home goods, outdoor, electronics and family merchandise. With a portfolio of top brands and the highest level of customer service, they are committed to bringing some of the best deals around on a wide range of products. For the last ten years, VMInnovations has been a successful eBay Seller, currently selling more than 50,000 items per month. They launched their Promoted Listings campaign to maximize sales and visibility during their most important sales quarter.

Campaign objectives

Increase the sales of garden tools, outdoor grills, pool accessories and other spring/summer products, during the seller’s busiest season, April through June.

Campaign strategy

  • Take advantage of eBay’s risk-free, easy to use, Promoted Listings platform which includes premium placements and comprehensive reporting.
  • Set up the campaign by choosing the products and ad rates that aligned with their seasonal sales cycle.

Campaign results


increase in clicks


increase in items sold


increase in storefront visits


return on ad spend

VMInnovations plans to continue using Promoted Listings as part of their ongoing growth strategy.

Image with a quote that says "Promoted Listings has given us the ability to increase exposure on key items during high seasonality time periods and drive traffic to low performing items. We are excited to continue to learn and grow this tool!" - Eric BUllington, VMInnovations