Campaign goals

eBay partnered with a top finance brand to run three ad campaigns, two with a focus on upper funnel objectives that leveraged key retail and cultural moments and one lower funnel acquisition campaign that drove to the brand’s landing page for a sign up CTA. These campaigns were designed to address all stages of the buying journey from raising awareness to building interest, and ultimately to driving high quality net new account opens defined by deposit volume.

Campaign tactics

eBay developed several campaigns that leveraged key retail and cultural moments, behavioral audience targeting, contextual targeting and Shop-Alike targeting to reach audiences most likely to convert.

Brand Awareness

Through a consecutive multi-touch campaign, this brand elevated their messaging with both custom and native high impact placements. Their sponsorship leveraged key retail dates with Homepage Takeovers, ownership of one of eBay’s top retail moments and alignment with a custom opportunity surrounding a cultural phenomenon, a Marvel Blockbuster movie premier.

Driving Engagement

Powered by data driven insights, the brand utilized eBay’s essential financial, homeowner and seller segments as well as proven successful contextual placements and Shop-Alike audiences. With pixel placement on the brand’s site, eBay was able to optimize front end inventory throughout the campaign to maximize efficiencies.

Plan overview


  • Shop-Alike targeting: Scale to new audiences that act similarly to converters
  • In-market financial services shoppers
  • Product conquesting
  • Checkout targeted current and future homeowners
  • Device type


  • Converters over-index for shopping in the categories of Coins & Paper Money and Collectibles
  • Personas including Tech Brand Loyalists and Gear Heads
  • Top cross-shopping categories of clickers were Computers & Tablets and Jewelry & Watches


Upper Funnel Exposure Drives Lower Funnel Conversions

  • 66% of users who viewed High Impact ads in the upper funnel went on to view Acquisition campaigns in the lower funnel
  • Users who had viewed both High Impact in the upper funnel and Acquisition in the lower funnel were more likely to convert than those who had viewed Acquisition campaign alone

Campaign performance summary

By leveraging insights on conversion data via Shop-Alike segmenting, best performing keywords, best cross shopping categories, and top performing behavioral targeting audiences resulted in the optimal campaign performance. These campaigns outperformed this brand’s CPA goal by an average of 43%.