What is Promoted Listings Express?

Getting more bids for your auction listing doesn’t need to be hard. Promoted Listings Express is the easy way to reach more buyers with just a few clicks. In fact, auction listings got on average 48% more views with Promoted Listings Express, than if not promoted. 1

With Promoted Listings Express, your promoted auction can appear on similar listings’ pages so that it gets seen by more buyers looking for items like yours. Soon, you’ll be on your way to more views and – potentially more bids – for your item.

Get more buyers to see your listings and increase your chance of more bids with Promoted Listings Express today.

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More Buyers

Get your auction in front of more buyers looking for products like yours so you’re able to get more bids.


It takes just a few clicks to get started with no complex set-up.

One flat fee

You get a hassle-free, upfront price per item, so there’s no surprise fees.

It’s never been easier to promote your auction listing

Hear from sellers on their experience with Promoted Listings Express

With the ability to promote your listing with just a few clicks, sellers of all sizes have seen success using Promoted Listings Express. Here’s a few quotes from sellers who’ve used Promoted Listings Express:

“I am selling niche items and the item I have on the promotion already has over 400 views and 32 watchers, which is the highest amount I have ever had on an item before – it shows me the potential for future items. I do believe that this tool is increasing smaller sellers’ competitiveness towards bigger, more experienced ones.” Eric Mentzel – Ekmentz

“I Love Promoted Listings Express (I am 100% certain it increases not only the number of views but also BIDS i get, at least for the categories I sell), so i am glad it is here to stay.” Gurlcat

How to get started with Promoted Listings Express

You can create Promoted Listings Express campaign a couple different ways. Here’s how:

  1. Sign up when listing a new auction
  2. Click “Promote it” next to your auctions in My eBay Active Listings