Top 3 spring shopping trends on eBay

Spring has sprung! With rising temperatures comes a noticeable shift in trends across many eBay categories as people prepare their homes for warm weather and house parties. We took a look at the most impacted categories and eBay shopping trends during spring 2022 to give our sellers more insight into what they can expect this year to help them spring into more sales. 

Discover the most searched keywords, top trending brands, and the lift in purchases made across the Home & Garden and Refurbished categories in these top insights from 2022.

Top 3 eBay shopping trends we saw in spring 2022

1. They invested in exterior and interior home improvement projects 

By early spring of 2022, eBay shoppers were ready to get back into their gardens and yards. We saw sales of Seeds & Bulbs, Lawn Mower Parts, and Landscape & Walkway Lights increase in early Spring.1 People were ready to get their elbows dirty to spruce up their home with a huge assortment of plants, produce, and lawn care. Solar Power Supplies saw an increase in sales, as well as Refurbished Vacuum Cleaners and Power Tool Batteries. 

Home improvement went beyond the exterior of the home, as Washer & Dryer Parts saw a lift in spring sales compared to late winter. Cooking Appliance Parts, Water Filters, and Portable Fans also reigned as popular items sold. Some of the biggest kitchen brands searched and purchased in March and April 2022 were Yeti, Brita, and Ninja.2 

2. Vacuums and “Spring Cleaning” went hand-in-hand

Shopping trends on eBay indicated that the tradition of “spring cleaning” was top of mind during early spring. “Dyson vacuum cleaner,” “roomba,” and “shark vacuum” were among the top searches in the Vacuum Cleaners category, with over double the number of overall searches in late March and April compared to January and February. Some of the top purchased vacuum brands were Shark, Dyson, and iRobot.2

With sustainability top-of-mind for buyers over the past few years, it was no surprise to see eBay shoppers eager to invest in refurbished goods. Refurbished vacuum cleaners saw over 10 times the sales when comparing January and February to March and April.3 The top keywords searched in the category included “dyson vacuum cleaners,” “vintage vacuum cleaners,” and “roomba.” 

3. Spring was the season for redecorating

Along with cleaning and initiating home improvement projects in the home, eBay shoppers also bought products to redecorate their living spaces. There was a notable lift in furniture sales when comparing the end of winter to the start of spring in 2022.3 Sales linked to the keyword “gaming desk” saw an over 8% lift, while “bar stools” and “sofa covers” both saw over 40% lifts.

Consumers also invested in new bedding in early spring, with “queen sheet set,” “pillows,” and “throw blankets” searched and purchased at a higher rate.

eBay furniture consumer trends

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