Seller announcement: Promoted Listings Advanced is expanding

Looking for greater visibility and more impressions to help drive sales? Today, the team is excited to announce an expansion of Promoted Listings Advanced. 

More opportunity means more ways to scale visibility of your listings. Advanced  campaigns now have the opportunity to show in the top 4 slots of search. It is the optimal solution for reaching buyers in the most trafficked placements on eBay, while also providing keyword targeting and budget control.

Factors like quality, keyword relevance, your bid amount, other seller’s bids, and a reserve price (the minimum amount we’ve determined a click is worth, taking item quality, competition, seasonality, and marketplace thresholds into consideration) will determine whether your ad will win the auction and appear in the top slots of a buyer’s search results.

Example image highlighting the top four listings that appear at in a search query.

Take advantage of more opportunities for ads to appear in the top slots of search and drive sales like these eBay sellers:

“Promoted Listings Advanced has helped us get more impressions and sales. Our impressions and sales on promoted listings have increased by 20%~30%. Notably, we have seen traffic increase significantly on our newly released products. For our more competitive products, we leverage both Promoted Listings Advanced and Promoted Listings Standard together to get more traffic.” - Sr. Business Operation Director, Gshopper
40:1 ROAS, +20% Sales, +20% Impressions1
 Seller first-party data, 2/2/22-3/15/22 

“This (Promoted Listings Advanced) takes trial and error, but if you stick with it, you have the potential to see more sales. We’ve recently seen our clicks increase by 263% and conversion rate increase by 1.34%.”1

 Results of Promoted Listings Advanced Campaign, April 18-May 29 2022

“Since launching Promoted Listings Advanced in June 2021, our overall catalog sales have seen an increase. In fact, in May 2022 we saw a 96.75% sales growth compared with May 2021 as a result of our Advanced campaigns and getting involved in whole catalog coupons.“2
Ultimate Products

While Advanced campaigns will get preferred access to the top slots of search, Promoted Listings Standard will continue to be eligible to appear in these first 4 slots and over 100 placements across the eBay network, including product pages and search results on both mobile and desktop. A number of factors will determine placement as noted above. We recommend sellers follow our listing best practices to improve item quality and relevance, boosting eligibility. 

Just one of the many enhancements recently made. We’ve been busy creating and launching new features for Promoted Listings Advanced over the last few months including: 

  • Updated reporting features: We’ve simplified the search query report. You can now view all keywords and buyer queries that your Advanced campaign listings appeared for in one place.
  • Negative Phrase Match: Negative Phrase Match is now available. The new match type lets you choose specific keyword phrases for search terms that you don’t want your listing to appear for, and may include other words before and/or after but not between.

Your feedback has been critical to the evolution of Promoted Listings Advanced. Please continue to share your thoughts with the team directly and in the eBay Community. We are committed to building advertising solutions that help sellers grow their business further on eBay. We know seller goals are constantly evolving and so must our solutions. You can expect even more enhancements over the next few months, including ones that can help you create your campaigns faster. 

Drive traffic to your listings with preferred access to the top four slots of search today. Launch your campaign here.

And don’t forget to check out Ads Academy. We’ve rolled out new product education courses over the last few months to help you scale up your skills. All courses are self-paced and free to sellers. To access Ads Academy, click on the link at the top right of the Promoted Listings Advanced campaign management page.

  1.  Seller first-party data
  2.  Seller first-party data, May 2021 vs May 2022