Seller announcement: we've updated how ad fees are calculated

We wanted to take a quick moment to remind you about the change to how Promoted Listings Standard ad fees are calculated effective today, June 1, 2022, in the event you missed our initial announcement in the 2022 Winter Seller Update. The new calculation model aligns more closely with the overall approach eBay has taken of calculating final value fee effective April 1, 2021. Here’s a quick reminder on what has changed and available resources to learn more.

The new ad fee calculation model
Ad rates are now calculated as a percentage of the total sale amount, which includes item price, shipping, taxes, and any other applicable fees available here for you to review.

We’ve removed the Ad Fees calculation tool
Since the new ad rate calculation includes variables, like buyer location and shipping costs that are not determined until the sale is complete, the tool is no longer available. Alternatively, you can view your ad fees from the Transactions section of your Payments tab, or in your sales report. 

Sellers will likely see a small increase in their ad fee
Most sellers will see a small increase in their ad fees, however, the actual amount will vary based on details of the final transaction, like buyer location. Sellers offering free shipping will see less of an increase. 

While the ad fee calculation has changed, Promoted Listings Standard still remains the simple, risk-free advertising solution helping drive sales for sellers like you. You only pay when your items sell. Furthermore, your promoted listings continue to be eligible to appear in 100+ sponsored placements across the eBay network, boosting visibility for your listing and increasing the likelihood of a sale.