Where your Promoted Listings Express campaigns appear

Over the past year, we developed more tools to help sellers achieve their advertising objectives on eBay. It’s our goal to help every seller master how to use Promoted Listings and become a proficient eCommerce marketer.

One of the most common questions we hear from sellers is “where do my Promoted Listings show up on eBay”? We previously answered that question for our most common campaign type, Promoted Listings Standard. Now we’ll review our newest addition, Promoted Listings Express, that’s designed to help auction listings reach more buyers and get more bids.

Let’s look at what buyers see once sellers promote a listing with Promoted Listings Express .

Promoted Listings Express campaigns

Our newest addition to the Promoted Listings portfolio is exclusively for auction listings. Unlike the other two campaign options, Promoted Listings Express campaigns appear as sponsored ads on the listing pages of similar products. This helps attract the attention of buyers who are already interested in the category your product is in.

Image of a computer showing what Promoted Listings Express ads look like. Text on the screen reads:

"Promoted Listings Express appears on similar listings pages.

Auction listings
For the first time, sellers can now benefit from increased exposure during the auction period to help drive views, bids and sales. Listings that utilized Promoted Listings Express received on average 47% more views than those not promoted. 

Simple pricing
Simple to use - no need to calculate ad rate fees or daily cost per click budget. Fixed flat fee is provided upfront.

Reach the right buyers
Promoted Listings Express appears as ads on similar listing pages, which means that your listing is in the right place at the right time."

So far, we’ve seen some excellent results. Listings got on average 48% more views with Promoted Listings Express, than if not promoted1. With no complex set up, sellers can launch Promoted Listings Express in just a few clicks. Learn more about how to launch a Promoted Listings Express campaign here.

Promoted Listings Express is a new product that’s still evolving. Understanding where your promoted listings show up across eBay will help sellers make better decisions when creating  a campaign.

We recommend taking the extra steps to review some best practices we included in our Promoted Listings Express announcement. Sellers can monitor campaign performance with the ad report, which currently shows the listing’s total impressions, promoted impressions and organic impressions. We hope to include more metrics for sellers to review in the future.

The right tools are available to all sellers who want their listings to be seen. Launch your campaign today.

  1. Estimated based on data surveyed from global markets December 2021 – January 2022