Where Promoted Listings Standard campaigns appear on eBay

Creating a listing is the easy part of selling on eBay. However, getting your listing seen by the right buyer at the right time isn’t always as easy.

We’ve developed different campaign types for our Promoted Listings portfolio that help to increase exposure for your listings across our online marketplace. These self-service advertising solutions help market your items to the right buyers, and are available to sellers in good standing.

As sellers learn about our Promoted Listings portfolio, one of the most common questions we hear is “where do my Promoted Listings show up on eBay”? The most important thing to remember is that Promoted Listings Standard touches our entire eBay network. On-site and off-site with help from external Promoted Listings, your campaigns will show up at different places throughout the buyer’s journey.

Let’s have a look at what buyers will see once a Promoted Listings Standard campaign is live on eBay.

What campaigns look like

Sellers enjoy using Promoted Listings Standard for the simplicity, ease of use and impact it makes across the eBay network. It only takes a few minutes to launch a campaign and begin competing for prominent ad real estate.

Standard campaigns are eligible to appear in over 100 locations across the eBay network, including product pages and search results on both mobile and desktop. How high they appear in the results depends on a variety of factors such as ad rate, listing quality, relevancy and other competing listings.

Image that shows where Promoted Listings Standard campaigns show up on eBay. The image on the left is where they appear on the search results page. The image on the right is where they appear on the View Item page. The text at the top of the image reads:
"Promoted Listings Standard. Visibility across 100 plus placements on the eBay network. "

Standard campaigns show all relevant information from a listing including the main photo, price and more. Any changes you make to a listing after launching a campaign are automatically applied. Sellers can find out more about creating a Promoted Listings Standard campaign here.

Don’t forget to optimize

Knowing where your campaigns show up across eBay is another helpful step in making sure you’re reaching the right buyers. Our Promoted Listings portfolio is here to help sellers grow further in the best way for them. 

However, we also recommend taking the extra steps to review our best practices and selecting competitive ad rates to improve a campaign’s chances of making a sale. Sellers should also continue optimizing their campaigns after launch by reviewing their campaign reports to ensure success. 

Why wait? Launch a new Promoted Listings Standard campaign today.