Sales don’t stop after December 25 on eBay

Another Cyber 5 sales rush is in the books on eBay and we’re only a few weeks away from December 25th. That means the holiday shopping season is about to end on eBay… right?

This is actually a myth. In fact, buyers continue to return to eBay to shop for great deals through January.

The image is a line chart showing the total searches that occur on eBay between December 25th, 2020 and January 31st, 2021. There was a total of 31 billion searches that happened during that time period.

Around 3.1 billion searches occurred between December 25th and January 31st last year on eBay. With buyers continuing to search for great deals, sellers should consider extending their Promoted Listings portfolio campaigns for a final sales boost and a great start to 2022 sales.

How can sellers extend their eBay holiday sales success?

Start by avoiding a lapse in ad campaign activity. A new year means new campaigns, new opportunities and new audience tactics. Not only will shoppers look to swoop on post-holiday sales, they’ll also be on the lookout for items to help propel them to reach their 2022 goals and New Year’s resolutions. 

As buyers set goals for the new year, they shop with the best intentions and look for products that can help them reach these milestones. From fitness equipment to blossoming new hobbies, buyers will be on the lookout for listings to fit their new interests. In fact, 50% of eBay shoppers said they will most likely buy fitness equipment in the new year.2

The Winter sports season is another big opportunity for sellers, especially with the 2022 Winter Olympics on the horizon. And as the temperatures drop, the football frenzy will heat up making for a great time for sellers to promote their NFL memorabilia. A recent study shows that:

  • 31% of eBay shoppers said they are likely to shop in the sporting goods (including fitness equipment) category in the new year2
  • 27% of eBay shoppers said they will most likely shop for Super Bowl gear to support celebrations and take advantage of holiday deals2

Sellers can capitalize on the increased interest in these categories and more.

eBay also expanded our Authenticity Guarantee capabilities with the recent acquisition of Sneaker Con. The deal offers customers added confidence in the purchase of high-value items. It also gives sellers another tool to use in their arsenal. The opportunity for collectors items such as sneaker sales on eBay is there for the taking.

Extending your Promoted Listings portfolio campaigns through the start of 2022 will keep listings in front of buyers in a shopping state of mind, and jumpstart your 2022 marketing goals. Make sure to extend your campaigns today.

1Source: eBay first-party data, 12/25/20 – 1/31/21

2Source: eBay survey, November 2021, eBay Shoppers A18+