Newly released features for Promoted Listings Advanced Beta

Just in time for the final holiday push, we’re excited to announce recently-launched features to help you be more efficient and drive sales with Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA

Here’s what’s new :

  • Monthly keyword search counts. You can now see how many times shoppers have searched Suggested keywords in the last 30 days. This new enhancement gives sellers increased visibility into keyword competitiveness and volume of searches over time to help make more informed, and strategic decisions on which keywords to target, and the value of each keyword to you.
  • The ability to download campaign reports in bulk. You can now use the Reports tab to download and schedule reports for your Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA campaigns. The new feature saves time by allowing you to download reports at the account level and for multiple campaigns at once. It’s available for all your Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA keyword, listing, campaign, and search query report types.
  • A new negative keyword tab. When setting your keyword bids, negative keywords will now appear on a separate tab. Negative keywords don’t require bids because they are terms that you would like to prevent your ad from appearing for. Meaning, when a buyer searches for a term that you’ve added as a negative keyword, your Advanced ads will not be eligible for display.
  • Negative keyword counts. You can now see how many negative keywords are in each of your ad groups on the campaign overview page. This additional information gives you an upfront view of your entire campaign, making it easier to ensure it’s ready for launch.
  • Expanded keyword view area. We’ve increased the view area of the “Choose your keywords” section to show a greater number of keywords at once, and made scrolling to set your keyword bids more automatic. This enhancement can reduce your time spent evaluating keywords and setting competitive bids.
  • We’ve hidden zero quantity or out of stock items. When creating an ad group, you will no longer be able to add out of stock listings. This will help improve your ad performance and the overall buyer experience.
  • Listing count summary. You can now see how many listings match your filter selections when adding listings to your ad group. This additional information can help you narrow down your listings, making it easier to build an effective ad group.
  • Filter listings by store category. You can now filter listings by “eBay categories” and “store categories” making it easier to build ad groups by common categories. Grouping together similar listings allows you to target them with the same set of keywords and bids. 

More updates and enhancements are on the way over the next couple of weeks and months. Until then, here’s a few educational resources for you:

  • Download this PDF to learn about keyword match types and how to navigate keyword and search query reports.
  • Also, check out our recent blog on creating an optimized keyword strategy.
  • Sellers can also access Ads Academy, our new self-paced, e-learning platform offering free, online ads product education for sellers. To access Ads Academy, click on the link at the top right of the Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA campaign management page.

Your feedback on our newest Promoted Listing campaign type in our seller community group has been extremely valuable. Keep the feedback coming. 

We’re committed to listening and partnering with you as we innovate to make sure we deliver advertising solutions that meet the needs of all sellers and put your listings in front of buyers actively shopping for items like yours. We’re invested in your success and want to help you grow your business further on eBay.