New shopping trends: Millennial Moms

Earlier this year, we kicked off our Shopping Trends series where we take a deeper look at eBay shoppers and how the pandemic changed their shopping behaviors and habits.  

In the latest of our Shopping Trends series, we’d like to introduce you to our Millennial Mom. Millennial Moms tend to be frequent eCommerce shoppers and there’s a lot we can learn about them through their shopping habits on eBay.   

In 2020, as many eBay Millennial Moms adjusted to pandemic life and working multiple full-time jobs (we love you, new homeschool teachers), they placed more value on finding the right products and brands to support their lifestyle. As you might guess, the most shopped categories  by our Millennial Moms were baby toys and supplies. However, it may surprise you to know that she purchased from four different brands on average each month. That’s up from three brands in 2019. This means that she was researching more, broadening her consideration set, and open to purchasing from different brands and sellers as long as it was the right fit for her and her family.

Our Millennial Mom also took her time to find the perfect items. She visited eBay more often, increasing her shopping frequency from 54 to 56 visits over the course of a month. She also took 18% longer in 2020 to browse, search and eventually buy that perfect lamp for her desk.

Learn more about how the Millennial Mom shopping journey has evolved to inform a smarter eCommerce strategy in our infographic below:

Millennial Moms are shopping on eBay.

What does this mean for you? The data makes it clear: Millennial Moms on eBay are visiting more often, considering new brands, and taking longer to make purchase decisions. Winning her over may have gotten a bit more challenging, but with the right mix of advertising solutions, you can make sure that your listings are highly relevant and visible throughout her shopping journey. With our Promoted Listings Standard feature, you can be there during the critical moments when shoppers search, browse and make a purchase on eBay. 

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