New shopping trends: Entertainment

The Entertainment shopper journey is always changing. By leveraging first-party data, you can get a front row seat to trends as they evolve. In this infographic series, we’re sharing the critical insights you need to know to engage your key audience(s) during precise moments on their path to purchase. 

Entertainment saw massive growth in 2020 as consumers spent most of their time at home. Audio, video, streaming and gaming services grew by 31%. Global TV shipments hit a record high. And people were consuming content more often and for longer periods of time. Taking a look at the Entertainment Shopper’s buying journey over the last year can teach us a lot about how to engage them this year. So, what did their shopping journey look like in 2020? How did it compare to 2019? We dive into the data below.

Understanding how the shopping journey is evolving in real time is critical to ensuring your brand and products are part of the buying journey. Never miss the critical moments when people search, browse and make a purchase on eBay. Let’s connect today

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2. eBay first-party data, 2019-2020