Brand safety: Our continued commitment to you

Today, we find ourselves in unprecedented times. It’s in times like these that eBay’s dedication to delivering a safe and trusted marketplace becomes more important than ever. Our interim CEO Scott Schenkel said it best, “we are a human company where patience, understanding and empathy guide the approach to how we work. This moment is no different. We are committed to supporting each other and making sure that we deliver for our customers around the world.”

That’s why we’ve taken steps to block or quickly remove items that make false claims or are in violation of price gouging rules. “These listings may violate applicable US laws or regulations, eBay policies, and exhibit unfair pricing behavior for our buyers.” We are committed to upholding our Disaster and Tragedy policy ensuring our marketplace stay a safe place to buy and sell.

Responsible marketplace policies like these have allowed us to build immense trust among our community of buyers and sellers. This level of trust is also reflected in our advertising business. eBay will always be a place where our brand partners can find safe environments and non-controversial content, even during the most trying of times.

As a business operations leader, this is where my focus lies. How do we continue to make eBay a trusted platform for not only our community of buyers and sellers but also digital advertisers? When I joined the team in Q3 of 2019, I immediately began evaluating our processes to ensure we complied with local and national policies, were free of controversial content, and in conjunction with our product team, exploring innovative technologies that could push our collective businesses forward. All of this was in service to our partners, continuing to offer advertisers a safe and controlled environment for their brand.

Our 2020 TAG Recertification from the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) is a major piece of the brand safety equation and eBay’s commitment to you. It demonstrates, in full transparency, our commitment to higher standards and ensuring the protection of the digital advertising space as we innovate with our data. We have once again received the TAG Certified Against Fraud, Certified Against Malware and Certified Against Piracy Seals.

“Our industry success in fighting fraud, malware, and piracy depends on the high standards of companies like eBay Advertising, now in its second year of recertification. By maintaining robust standards to protect the supply chain and build trust, eBay Advertising is helping create a transparent and trustworthy ecosystem for both consumers and digital advertisers.” – Mike Zaneis, CEO of the Trustworthy Accountability Group.

It’s our responsibility to put the right protections in place to ensure your message continues to be served to real shoppers and buyers with real purchase intent, not bots. And with mountains of first-party shopper data from our logged-in users, rest assured that the overall integrity of your brand, messaging and marketing dollars will not be jeopardized by online bad actors or placed in an unfair and unsafe marketplace.

You can learn more about how our teams are safeguarding our marketplace for shoppers, buyers and brands like you during this time here.

Rebecca Skrak
Head of Business Operations, eBay Advertising