Winning on eBay: A marketer's guide

Whether you’re a major brand, a media agency, or an eBay seller, eBay’s data-driven advertising solutions will add significant value to your media plan. However, there are many factors that lead to a successful campaign so we’ve taken a deep dive into campaigns on eBay and compiled learnings in our new guide Winning on eBay: A Marketer’s Guide. Here’s a glimpse into the tips and tricks highlighted.

1. Define Your Goals – Clearly!

A no brainer right?   Clearly defined goals are a MUST for all campaigns but not always addressed upfront. Whether you’re looking to drive brand lift, generate leads or encourage brand switching, clear campaign goals are the key. In a recent AdExchanger column, Simone Chaffiotte, vice president and director of audience strategy at Carat USA stated, “A critical component of a valuable consumer strategy is a clear alignment on who will drive the brand and business.” The guide outlines some of the key discussion topics that need to take place upfront.

2. Effective Creative

eBay takes its visual presence seriously – like really seriously. The wrong copy, visual design or image can negatively affect a campaign’s performance. Have a special offer?  Dollar offers perform better than percent offers on eBay. Read up on a number of performance-based creative best practices in Winning on eBay: A Marketer’s Guide.   

3. Engaging Your Target Audience 

The Millennial Mom spends an average of 10 minutes per shopping session on eBay and shops for books and dolls most often. Sound like a Mom you know? It’s because 80% of our users are persistently logged in that we’re able to collect millions of shopper signals like this daily.  Have an audience you’re trying to reach? We’re activating our first-party shopper signals to drive efficiency and campaign success for brands.  

4. New Tactics

As digital advertising evolves, so do marketing tactics. From behavioral to contextual targeting, we’re being more strategic with our brand and agency partners to achieve goals up and down the funnel with turnkey and custom solutions.

We need to understand our clients’ needs and better communicate and customize the solutions that will drive their success.

Scott Kelliher, Head of eBay Ads US

5. The eBay Pixel 

A conversion pixel allows brands to track the moment of exposure to the completion of the intended action. The implementation of a pixel placement allowed a leading car insurance brand to track the full customer journey and exceed CPA goals by 8%. They also saw significant improvements in engagement and performance, but you’ll have to download the guide to learn more. 

What are you waiting for? Download Winning on eBay: A Marketer’s Guide for access to exclusive case studies and best practices to set your next campaign up for success.