Earth Day is happening On eBay

In anticipation of Earth Day, brands are developing their marketing strategies to appeal to eco-conscious shoppers. In the US, environmental protection and sustainability are becoming increasingly important. No other demographic has seen this affect their shopping behavior more than millennials. This April 22nd, brands must promote their environmental awareness and activism if they want to connect with a fast growing population of environmentally concerned millennials. 

Millennials Want Eco-Friendly Brands

Consumers are more likely to buy products from a brand they trust. Specifically, for millennials, a company’s social and environmental practices has great influence on their brand affinity. The Shelton Group, a consultancy dedicated to helping brands market their sustainability practices, has polled Americans for 12 years. In their latest “Millennial Pulse” study 1 they found that 90% of millennials will buy from a brand whose social and environmental practices they trust.

With millennials spending close to $3.39 trillion in 2018 2 it is critical for brands to develop their public stance on environmental issues. Even if they are not a brand founded on one particular initiative like Patagonia or TOMS, they must quickly move to identify and promote their environmental narratives.

Ad Products on Eco-Friendly Platforms

eBay and platforms allowing for the resale of used and new items, naturally align with Earth Day. Resale eCommerce platforms also align with millennials looking for quality and value. In fact, in 2018 eBay was listed as one of millennial’s favorite 100 brands3.

Ads placed on the platform provide an opportunity for brands to demonstrate their environmental awareness. With 20 million millennials visiting eBay in the month of January alone, brands can meet their goals for reach and scale. 4.

eBay is also doing its part to support environmental causes. As of 2017, people selling their pre-owned electronics and apparel on eBay have created $1.3 billion in positive economic impacts5. They’ve also avoided 1.2 million tons of carbon emissions6.

As a circular eCommerce platform, reusing and recycling are built into eBay’s ethos. By advertising on eBay, brands are partnering with a quality mission and reaching consumers who share the platform’s values. You can learn more about eBay’s environmental impact in the latest Progress Update report.

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