Ramp Up: Advanced data collection at eBay

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th every year and seeks to celebrate advancements in women’s rights. As a company founded on the premise that humans are inherently good, eBay is committed to diversity in the workplace. On this International Women’s Day, eBay would like to highlight Bridget Davies, VP of Revenue and Seller Growth, eBay Americas.

Bridget recently participated in a panel at RampUp, one of MarTech’s premier conferencesOn February 26th, Ramp Up hosted, Building Data Narratives – Data & Technology Trends in Practice Track. Bridget and her fellow panelists discussed the importance of using data to create meaningful business insights for brands. Read on to learn more about how Bridget is using eBay’s proprietary data, scale, and advanced technology to help brands.  

eBay Data for Brands

eBay has acquired valuable shopper data over the course of two decades. And it’s thanks to this data, that eBay is able to understand what’s culturally relevant and what’s trending at any given moment. Advanced and long term data collection is something that is uniquely eBay. This data allows for a customer-centric approach, to better connect with 109 million unique shopper journeys each month. Bridget and her team are responsible for bringing that data, and the insights it provides, to brands both on and off the platform. When asked about how eBay’s data supports brands, Bridget said this:

There are three things I focus on when thinking about solutions for advertisers: our phenomenal scale, our ability to build audience data and pair it with behavioral and contextual data, and the mindset the customer has when they are in the marketplace. Bringing those three things together can be really powerful for brands.

Long-term Growth for eBay Advertising

eBay’s data capabilities allow for turnkey audience segments as well as custom segments that help partners connect to their target audience.

In our advertising organization, we have a team that understands our 700+ audiences and can partner with our clients and agencies to help in a consultative approach.

Bridget Davies

With a highly technical and creative team, eBay offers smart audience activation that drives efficiency and campaign success. In 2019, eBay will focus on further evolving the user experience, while pursuing significant long-term growth opportunities in advertising. eBay ultimately serves as a partner, not a competitor to sellers and brands. As discovery and technology advances, eBay is confident in the strength of their business and future growth prospects.

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