Reach post tax season travelers on eBay

Punxsutawney Phil couldn’t find his shadow. As legend has it, that means spring will arrive early this year. But with blooming tulips also comes tax day.

Your Refund Status

Lower than anticipated tax refunds have been reported so far this year1.

Nevertheless, US taxpayers are still receiving a bit of relief from Uncle Sam. While most Americans plan to save the extra cash or use it to pay down debt, some plan to use the money for travel. Of the 65 percent of taxpayers with refunds in 2018, 12 percent used the money for a vacation 2.

That’s close to 11 million Americans looking to shell out some cash for a well deserved getaway.

Travel Enthusiasts are on eBay

Someone once said, “travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.” It is something that requires passion, an attribute that you will find in many of eBay’s customers. The digital travel industry is expected to increase four percent in 2019 for a total of $208.44 billion spent 3.

Digital travel includes flight purchases, car rentals, cruise bookings, hotel reservations, other accommodations and transportation. If your brand represents any one of those categories, advertising on eBay will expand your reach to a highly engaged audience.

Overall, eBay connects with 19M travel shoppers 4 who are in the transactional mindset. Everyone from the family vacationer to the luxury adventurer, comes to eBay to find the latest and greatest products and experiences.

In market travelers who booked online in the last 6 months on eBay included the following vacation types:

Booking in March for Summer

eBay recently conducted a survey to better understand their customers’ travel habits. In the last six months, eBay shoppers have booked a hotel (48%) and/or booked a flight (41%). Customers use the platform to outfit their next vacation, searching for everything to meet their travel needs from bathing suits to camping gear and luggage.

In line with tax season, March is the peak time travelers purchase items 5. And because 62% of eBay shoppers plan to travel in the next 3-6 months 6, brands should be launching campaigns now. If you don’t have your creative and media strategies ready to go, but still want to capitalize on the unique qualities of the eBay travel shopper, don’t fret. With advanced data tools and white glove assistance, eBay’s advertising team is here to guide you through your next travel campaign.

Ready to hit the road with eBay travelers? Contact our ad sales team.

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