3 trends to shape your ad campaigns in 2019

We’re just a month into the “new” year, though 2019 is shaping up to be transformative for digital advertising. Campaigns are become more personalized than ever, yet marketers have developed heightened awareness to brand safety and compliance – all while still finding new paths to successful campaign optimization.

Only on eBay, a platform visited by as many as a third of all Americans, are marketers equipped with scale and precision – informed by millions of hours of logged shopper data – to execute campaigns that pair the right message with a highly-curated audience. Leveraging eBay’s advertising solutions, brands can keep steady control over their brand experience and profit from some of the biggest trends that continue to shape digital advertising.

Programmatic Guaranteed Meets Brand Safety

Last year saw increased interest in programmatic guaranteed ad buying, including greater optimization through leveraging a publisher’s audience data.

On eBay, programmatic guaranteed not only enables more personalization than private marketplaces, but also can help improve visibility above-the-fold.

With this methodology, advertisers have greater oversight into campaign targeting, pacing and delivery – all with the help of expert-level visibility from eBay’s advertising team. Line of sight into campaign progress and results allows the platform to offer personalized insights, improving future campaign executions and optimization strategies.

High Demand for High-Impact Brand Awareness Campaigns

An effective strategy for long-term relationship building with interested buyers, high-impact brand awareness campaigns match brands with shoppers poised to become their biggest fans. Some of eBay’s most successful brand awareness campaigns have converted first-time buyers into brand repurchasers, who keep engaging long after initially viewing an ad and boost branded search traffic.

Combining eBay’s robust audience data with key placement opportunities, brands can create informed, impactful campaigns that augment ROI by identifying shoppers with the greatest potential for engagement. Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, did just this when partnering with eBay. The organization launched a Community Selling Campaign, targeting eBay sellers with potential interest in their mission for donations. High-impact ad units on My eBay, Sign Out and the homepage directed targets to a customized charity page, resulting in over 8.4 million impressions.

Through campaign-generated funds alone, Feeding America funded over 124,000 meals from over 16,000 visits to its landing page and over 132,000 listings that donated a portion of their proceeds. The campaign resulted in a 60% increase in brand awareness and led to a 45% increase in consideration.

Tech Leads the Way

Coming out of CES 2019, we’ve heard a lot about technology—but eBay’s audience data finds shoppers have been scoping new electronics and gadgets all year round. In fact, several tech-focused audience segments rank among 2018’s top-performing eBay audiences for pulling some of the highest click-through rates.

Many tech-savvy shoppers rely on the platform to exchange old and new smartphone models, evidenced by high-performing segments like iPhone Shoppers and Cell Phone In-Market Shoppers. Other top audiences include Tech Knowledgists and Consumer Electronic In-Market Shoppers, who use eBay as a reliable access point for the industry’s most popular and cutting-edge items.

eBay’s passionate audiences use the platform as a social marketplace to connect with other enthusiasts and find curated, one-of-a-kind items. Segments valuing niche items like Motor Parts & Accessories In-Market Shoppers and Fashion Brand Sensitive Shoppers rank among top-performing groups as well.

While these audiences certainly appeal to brands within specific industry verticals, other custom segments also drive performance thanks to eBay’s shop-alike models. Working with advertisers, the platform identifies active users most likely to respond positively to a campaign. These custom segments become curated audience targets, driving the success of some of eBay’s most successful campaigns.

In 2018, marketers navigated a demanding advertising landscape that challenged brands to maximize engagement while retaining expert control over brand safety and reputation. In the year ahead, brands can breathe easy knowing eBay’s advertising solutions drive strategic activations that help marketers profit from digital advertising’s most advantageous trends.

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