Single or paired, shoppers are buying on eBay this V-Day

Valentine’s Day can be a holiday some love or loathe. However, being single on V-Day is no longer a punchline. As US relationship dynamics evolve, so should brand messaging. Brands solely focusing on reaching couples are missing the mark and missing an opportunity to connect with a wider audience. Valentine’s Day shoppers are ready to share a kind gesture with someone, whether single or romantically involved. 

Valentine’s Day Spend is Increasing

Valentine’s Day is the fourth largest spending time of the year after the winter holidays, back to school, and Mother’s Day, respectively. In 2018, total spending reached $19.6 billion, up from $18.2 billion in 2017 1.

Additionally, individual spending also rose in 2018 with 55% of the US population spending an average of $1442.

Shoppers are moving away from novelty and are putting more thought and cash into what they give. 

While we still exchange chocolates, consumers are also looking to luxury brands and gift cards on eBay to complete their holiday shopping lists.

A Rolex and a Nintendo Gift Card 

In 2018, consumers celebrating Valentine’s Day spent $4.7 billion on jewelry, $1.9 billion on clothing/accessories, and $1.5 billion on gift cards/gift certificates3.

On eBay, average daily visitors for Valentine’s gift related categories increase from late January through early February. During this short shopping window, luxury brands like Gucci and Rolex are some of the most searched on the platform4.

eBay’s advertising solutions present an ideal opportunity for high-end brands to reach consumers looking to wow a loved one or treat themselves.

Above all, shoppers love to give the gift of choice. The top three items purchased on Valentine’s Day on eBay, include gifts cards to Cabela’s, Nintendo, and Overstock.com5.

While a gift card won’t replace a Rolex, the volume of which they are purchased on Valentine’s Day represents how the culture behind the holiday has changed. Gift cards can be for anyone, not just a romantic partner.  

All the Single Ladies & Gentlemen & Teachers & Pets….

Single folks are adopting a friends and family forward approach to Valentine’s Day. 25% of all consumers who spend money on Valentine’s Day identify as being single6. Some shoppers use the holiday as a way to share a loving gesture with parents, children, teachers, friends, co-workers, and even pets.

Marketing campaigns should strive to be diverse and should not overlook single shoppers, especially as US marriage demographics evolve.


With consumer confidence at an all time high as made evident by 2018’s holiday sales, marketers are in a strong position to reach the Valentine’s Day shopper. A mix of inclusive creative and reaching consumers with wallet in hand, will allow for success this Valentine’s Day and who wouldn’t love that?!

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