Drive Mother's Day sales with these shopper insights

In just two short weeks, friends and families around the US will gather to celebrate the lifelong dedication and love of moms, grandmothers, and many other terrific women. Mother’s Day is a special way to celebrate the hard work and dedication that moms put in every day. It is a crucial time for brands to zero in on these gift-giving shoppers, reaching them in a memorable and special way.

Whether browsing for the latest fashion trends mom will love, special jewelry, or even a gift card to her favorite store, many shoppers are heading online to snag that exact right item. In fact, in 2017 the lead up to Mother’s Day was the 4th highest grossing season for US retail.

The History of Mother’s Day

The inception of Mother’s Day is estimated to be around the turn of the century, although its popularity has increased recently, especially as seen in retail. The National Retail Federation has high hopes for this upcoming 2018 celebration. 86% of Americans plan to celebrate Mother’s Day, and over 30% of them plan to shop online. A projected $23.1 billion is set to be spent on special gifts for moms.

Among those gifts, greeting cards naturally top the list. However, items like gift cards, clothing and accessories, and jewelry are three of the top categories for projected spend.

Mother’s Day on eBay

eBay is dedicated to helping shoppers find the perfect present online, with an unmatched selection of top brand items and unique finds that moms won’t see anywhere else. Mother’s Day shopping is becoming increasingly popular on eBay, and we work to gather the top gift items all in one place, making gift giving simpler for our 171M active buyers.

eBay sees $627 million in sales during the Mother’s Day shopping season, with over 2 million searches by shoppers in the gift cards and coupons category. Our Mother’s Day seasonal hub page provides a dedicated shopping marketplace for all things mom, highlighting everything from trending handbags to the latest fragrances.

Reaching Your Ideal Audience on Mother’s Day

It is important for brands to consider this up-and-coming retail season, as it is only predicted to continue growing. When choosing an ecommerce partner, it is important to find a shopping destination in tune with celebrations and can’t-miss seasonal moments.

Look for a partner that caters to consumers, bringing them back again and again, from back to school to Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and beyond.

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