The importance of brand security

For digital marketers today, brand security is always top of mind. Maintaining the quality and integrity of a brand’s voice and values is crucial for reaching the right audience online, and for presenting the correct messaging to shoppers. With so many retailers and ecommerce options, it is important for brands to carefully choose where to display advertisements, ensuring security and reducing the risk of ad fraud.

Ad fraud is a growing issue facing many websites and ecommerce brands, increasing in scale across the world. Ads are purchased by companies falsely representing publishers, failing to deliver the placements and views promised. In 2016 alone, 20% of all digital ad spend was wasted as a result of ad fraud. This type of fraud not only affects the integrity of websites, but also results in millions of wasted dollars in advertising budgets.

eBay has taken a proactive approach to this type of fraud, ensuring that brands are able to maximize their ad spend with high quality results in a safe environment. Through eBay’s universal login, shopping data is linked to real human activity, rather than cookies. With over 80% of eBay users logged-in, we are able to deterministically identify consumers across various channels, browsers, and devices such as smartphones, tablets and more. These valuable insights help ensure our customer data is accurate, and helps us offer the most reliable and effective ad campaigns to brand partners.

In addition to ensuring your ads are being seen by shoppers, it is imperative to make sure your brand’s reputation is being safeguarded online. It Is important to choose an advertising partner whose values align with those of your brand, so your ads are not compromised by controversial content.

Unlike publisher sites, eBay is an online marketplace with the experience to offer complete reliability and transparency to our advertisers. We have developed safety measures like keyword blacklisting to ensure that ads do not run alongside controversial or unsuitable content. Our strong ethical values drive the way we do business, by offering a safe experience for brands to reach audiences and gain new customers.

It is important to reflect on your brand’s security measures as you search for the right ecommerce partner. You can find out more about eBay Advertising by visiting our website.