The importance of delivering personalized messaging to shoppers

The online retail industry has shown tremendous growth, with no signs of slowing down. And it is still, constantly, evolving.

Online shoppers are becoming increasingly technology-savvy, and need a personalized, human-first approach in order to engage with brands and advertisements. Plus, even the way consumers shop and browse is continuously changing, as they seamlessly move between devices like mobile phones, tablets, and beyond.

With this rapidly changing landscape, it is crucial for online retailers to constantly gather knowledge and data about the evolving ways that consumers shop. This helps brand to better target their needs, understand their shopping habits, and ultimately connect with them, across devices, in a memorable and personalized way.

As a marketplace offering the best, brightest, and most unique items across a variety of verticals, eBay is home to some of the most passionate and diverse shoppers on the web. From rare coin collectors to shoe junkies and auto sellers, 170 million consumers visit eBay searching for their perfect item.

In order to better connect with these shoppers, eBay uses AI and big data to understand how people move at a granular scale.

This begins with our AI-powered homepage, personalized to each user. With over 80% of eBay shoppers logged-in, we can deterministically identify users across channels and devices, rather than relying on cookie-based models. Our valuable insights then dictate the way we target shoppers with advertisements, offering a level of personalization they can connect with.

These 170 million shoppers translate to over 280 million hours of monthly shopping data, all used to help advertising partners identify the exact right audience on eBay. From this, eBay developed 550 essential audience segments, as well as the ability for advertisers to build their own unique audiences based on CRM data and more. From age and household targeting, to specific insurance or auto shoppers, advertisers hold to the key to a global audience of shoppers.

Lastly, our latest programmatic technology offers an added layer of micro-targeting to advertisers. With 500 million daily programmatic impressions, eBay has over 12,000 brands bidding for audiences across the site. This technology allows brand to boost the efficacy of their ads, reaching only those exact right shoppers and cutting down on latency.

Big data insights and personalized options are key to reaching the right shoppers online. It is crucial to work with an ecommerce retailer that understands the evolving needs of online consumers, and offers the experience and knowledge to help you reach your marketing goals.

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