Independent Retailer Conference: Maximizing sales with eBay’s Promoted Listings

Last week, our Promoted Listings team was privileged to speak at the Independent Retailer Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. With over 45,000 attendees, IRC is the most comprehensive B2B trade show that brings the world’s widest variety of retail merchandise together in one efficient shopping experience. There, we met with buyers looking for new ways to sell excess inventory and liquidate merchandise while presenting our most recent insights and strategies with regard to our Promoted Listings advertising solution.

eBay’s Promoted Listings ad option is the smart way for eBay sellers to get guaranteed views on their product listings. eBay was honored to showcase four speakers at the conference, highlighting different aspects of the eBay marketplace. Our team highlighted how our wealth of data and customizable advertising options can help boost traffic and make selling on eBay easier than ever. Advertising Solutions Manager, Tyler Thomas discussed what makes a good listing and what you need to know about using the Promoted Listings feature.

So what makes a great ad? A good ad goes hand-in-hand with a good listing. For optimal success, Tyler recommends:

• Promote the new recommended items
• Confirm all items are in the correct listing category
• Ensure proper keywords are used within the listing
• Only use high-quality photos with clear backgrounds
• Include product identifier information (such as UPC numbers)

To explore how Promoted Listings could work for your business, you can download the full presentation, or visit our website here.