Top tips to enhance your eBay listings

By Edwin Obillo, Lifecycle Marketing Manager

Now that you’ve set up a campaign with Promoted Listings, it is important to make sure your listings are able to reach the right buyers. In order to make your listings work for you, we’ve compiled our Top Tips for attracting shopper interest, increasing click through rates, and ultimately driving sales.

1. Optimize your ad rates.

The eBay quick listing tool makes listing simple, and helps you gather all the necessary information that buyers may need to know about your item. The tool also advises you on the best ad rate for your listing, based on other sellers using Promoted Listings in your category.

You may want to start your bidding slightly below market value in order to attract buyers and increase visibility. Another strategy may be to begin with a higher bid and slowly decrease over time, adjusting for how many clicks and impressions are being brought in.

2. Carefully review each listing.

Promoted Listings increases visibility, so it is crucial that your listing is complete, correct, and easy to understand so shoppers can actually complete a purchase. The quick listing tool ensures you are guided through each aspect of the listing process, including item category, title, keywords, photos, and more. It is important to proofread this information so that an item is not incorrectly titled or placed in the wrong category, which can affect click through rate.

Be sure to offer up as much detail to shoppers as possible including brand information, UPCs, item condition, as well as high-quality clear photos from several angles.

3. Keep track of your performance.

Measuring listing performance is easy with Promoted Listings and can help you adjust and optimize your listings as time goes on. Measure your ROI for each listing and track impressions, clicks, fees, and your sold items count. Download additional reports to compile data on your overall performance.

By staying on top of how each Promoted Listing is doing, you can fine-tune yours to improve results. To increase conversions after shoppers click on your listing, you may consider adding additional photos or shortening delivery and shipping times to entice a purchase.

4. Get creative.

Put yourself in the mind of potential shoppers to ensure listing title and description not only provide information, but entice and build excitement. Our studies have shown a strikethrough price indicating a discount tends to increase clicks on listings, as does the free shipping icon.

For more information about Promoted Listings and listing optimization, join us at the upcoming ASD Market Week trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Attend our 30-minute speaking session, Optimizing Your eBay Listings for Maximum Visibility and Sales on March 11th at 1:15pm. Find out more about ASD Market Week here.