Get your brand noticed: 5 tips for Promoted Listings lite

By Claire Xiao, Product Manager

Promoted Listings Lite is a new tool created for eBay sellers, and is the perfect way to get your listings noticed. By using our quick listing tool, you can seamlessly list items, promote them, and sell faster and easier than ever. Here are five ways that Promoted Listings Lite can help bolster your business.

1. Reach the buyers that matter to you.

With 170M active buyers, eBay draws in passionate shoppers looking for unique items to complete their version of perfect. Promoted Listings Lite can place your items in premium placements on eBay, which allows you to connect with the right shoppers while they are browsing on eBay. You can draw in a whole new audience of shoppers when your listings are in the spotlight.

2. Improve an item’s chances of selling.

Because your listings can appear in premium placements on eBay, interested shoppers can find your items quicker and easier than ever before. Using Promoted Listings Lite boosts your item’s visibility.

3. You pay only when your item sells.

When you try Promoted Listings Lite, you’ll only be charged if a shopper clicks on your premium location listing and makes a sale within 30 days. A more prominent listing gives you even more visibility, and gets your listing in front of many more active eBay shoppers.

4. Setup is simple with the quick listing tool.

Our quick listing tool makes selling on eBay easier than ever. Use this program to create or revise a listing. If the item is eligible, you will see an option to promote your item with Promoted Listings Lite. Your fees are calculated based on the trending prices for similar items, and is calculated automatically by the service. Once your listing is live, your item will appear in both mobile and desktop searches, as well as on search results and the related items module.

5. Make selling a quick and seamless process.

With Promoted Listing Lite, we strive to make selling on eBay easier and simpler than ever. This service is built into our listing tool, making opting in easy and without any guesswork or seller expertise needed.

Learn more about Promoted Listings Lite and check eligibility requirements by visiting our Seller Center.

**Only listings created or revised through Quick Listing Tool are eligible. Sellers can promote fixed-price listings in all categories except Motors, Real Estate & Travel. Listings must be priced around price guidance. Auction and Auction Buy It Now listings are not eligible at this time. Not applicable to below standard sellers.